The following is the list of panels to be held at Mississippi Comic Convention on June 26-27, 2021. The times listed below are not the only times the guest will be at the event. When a guest is not at their panel, on a break, or having lunch, they will be at their booth signing autographs and meeting fans. All guests are scheduled to be in attendance both Saturday and Sunday – except for Sting, Kevin Sorbo, and Christopher Sabat who are attending Saturday only.

Saturday, June 26th

Main Stage Schedule

11:00 AM – Erik Stolhanske

12:00 PM – Karan Ashley

1:00 PM – Billy Dee Williams

2:00 PM – Judith Hoag & Kenn Scott

3:00 PM – Kevin Sorbo

4:00 PM – Bryce Papenbrook

5:00 PM – Cosplay Chat

5:30 PM – Mississippi Comic Con Costume Contest

Panel Room 1

11:15 AM – Iron Fist Anti Bullying Panel presented by Jerry Arnold

12:15 PM – How to Shoot Your Own Content with Molly Mayhem, Little Red Fox, Cynful Cosplay

1:15 PM – Indie Horror Filmmaking presented by Joey Crocker

2:15 PM – A New Suit? Q&A with John Beatty

3:15 PM – The Visual & The Pen Q&A with Marcus Williams & Greg Burnham

4:15 PM – It’s Trivial presented by Grant Fletcher

Panel Room 2

11:30 AM – The Evolution of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Shellheads: A TMNT Podcast

12:30 PM – A Morphin’ Fandom presented by Alex Soh

1:30 PM – What is Nerd Culture? with Reality Breached Podcast

2:30 PM – Back to the Future Fans presented by Will Barber

3:30 PM – From Cosplay to Career: Princess Edition with Enchanting Memories Entertainment

4:30 PM – Do It Ya Dang Self! How to Get into Voice Acting with Kim Morton & Matt Sinclair

Sunday, June 27th

Main Stage Schedule

12:00 PM – David Matranga & Emily Neves

1:00 PM – Bradshaw aka JBL

2:00 PM – Jim Cummings

3:00 PM – Keone Young

Panel Room 1

12:15 PM – The Clover Kingdom presented by Little Oso Cosplay

1:15 PM – Be Your OC! with Little Red Fox Cosplay

2:15 PM – Foamsmithing 101 presented by Voodoo King Cosplay

3:15 PM – Cosplay: Then & Now with Suzanne’s Cosplay

Panel Room 2

11:45 AM – Fan Opinion Power & Toxicity in Fandoms with The Bear & the Beard Podcast

12:45 PM – Relationship Goals or Doom: The Superhero Edition presented by GammaRae Cosplay

1:45 PM – Halloween Kills and Ends with Will Barber

2:45 PM – Let’s Dub a Comic! with Kim Morton & Matt Sinclair