1. Where is the convention?

The Mississippi Comic Con will be held at the Mississippi Trade Mart, located at 1200 Mississippi St, Jackson, MS 39202.

2. What day/time is the show?

The show is being held on June 24 – 25, 2017. The convention opens at 10 AM and lasts until 6 PM on Saturday and 10 AM until 5 PM on Sunday.

3. What is the cost?

Entry to the convention is $20 per day or $30 for the weekend (not including applicable taxes and fees) until the day of the show. $20 admission per day or $30 for the weekend is day of show pricing. Children two to eight just $5 per day and children under two are FREE (not including applicable taxes and fees).

4. Who will be there?

Celebrities, comic artists, local and national artists, vendors, vehicles, fan groups, costumers, gamers, and much more. Our website contains a full list of everything you’ll see at the con. See our Guests page for celebrities attending.

5. Where can I get tickets for the convention?

Tickets will only be available through Eventbrite via our website, or in person the day of the show. Pre-sale online ticket sales end at 11:59 PM on Friday, June 23rd.

6. Do pre-sale ticket holders get in early?

No, but we will start scanning in presale at 9 AM, so most presale purchasers can be the first through when doors open.

7. Will there be tickets at the door?

Yes, tickets will be available for sale at the box office the day of the show. We accept cash, credit, or debit. Tickets are not available at the Coliseum box office.

8. I purchased a ticket online. What do I need to bring?

The QR code that came with the tickets. This can be printed out or scanned from your phone.

9. Will you sell out?

As with any event, there is always the possibility of a sell out. With that being said, we can’t accurately predict whether or not this will happen. The Mississippi Trade Mart has a maximum capacity allowed and we must adhere to it as well as the fire code requirements of the building. If we come close to this figure, we will be sure and let everyone know.

10. Will there be lines?

As with any event, there can be lines to enter that require a wait. There may also be lines to meet celebrities. Please be patient while everyone gets to meet their favorite actor or actress.

11. I want to meet a celebrity. What should I bring?

Celebrities will sign any item you bring, within reason. Most celebrities also have 8×10 photos that they sign. Please note that some celebrities charge for autographs and/or pictures, and most celebrities only accept cash as payment. There will also be vendors selling items that relate to movies or shows celebrities have appeared in, so check around and find an item you love!

12. Are celebrity guests going to be there both days?

All guests are scheduled to attend both days. Guests do take breaks throughout the day, and they do a Q&A session on the Main Stage for one hour. Otherwise, they’ll be at their booths signing and taking pics with fans.

13. Do celebrity guests charge for pictures and autographs?

Yes, most do. We have posted pricing for most on our website in the Guest section.

14. Will registration be different this year? It was really hot outside last year.

We worked with the Trade Mart to acquire the last section of the building so that we could have registration inside the building. This will allow us to have more lines for pre-sale and day of ticket purchases. We also now have a dedicated area for the main stage and our video and tabletop gaming. We hope this makes things far more comfortable for all of our attendees.

15. Will there be stuff for sale?

Yes! Artists will have prints for sale as well as doing commissions. Vendors will have a wide array of items, including comics, toys, posters, shirts, video games, tabletop games, cards, statues, candles, soaps, bags, books, and so much more. Please note that while some vendors accept credit/debit cards, others are cash only.

16. Can I dress in costume?

It’s encouraged! We love cosplayers. You can find a list of cosplays do’s and don’ts on our website, but the general rules are: Be kind and keep it classy. Please note, you don’t have to dress up to attend the convention.

17. Is there a costume contest?

Yes! Registration takes place at the Cosplay Central booth from 10 AM to 3 PM. You must register at this booth to be entered, and there is no entry fee.

18. I’m concerned about safety at the con. What items will you be checking? What is not allowed?

We aim to make the convention safe and fun for everyone. Cosplay weapons check will take place as you enter the building and we will also be checking bags and any other items at our discretion. Please see our Cosplay page for more specifics on cosplay rules. Use common sense and ask about anything you may have a question about. We have a wonderful security team and the police officers working our event have worked with us on multiple occasions.

19. Is there a harassment policy?

Our policy on harassment at our conventions: We do not have a cosplay harassment policy—we have a people harassment policy. Whether you are dressed in a costume or in street clothes, we will not tolerate anyone causing you distress at our events. Our conventions are all about inclusion: bringing people from different fandoms and backgrounds into one event, where anyone, no matter who they are, who they are dressed as, or what they are into feel excluded from any part of our show.

If you feel harassed or threatened by any attendee, please notify a member of our staff immediately. We have a great security team who will help you. We will also have uniformed police officers on site to assist with any matters. If you intend to cause trouble at one of our events, please know that we will immediately remove you with no refund. If there is further incident, we will have you punished under the full extent of the law.

In short: Have fun and don’t be a jerk.