– Where can I buy tickets?

Presale tickets are available only via Eventbrite. They are not available at the Trade Mart or Coliseum box office. The day of the show, you can buy tickets at the door.

– When do presales end?

11:59 PM on Friday, June 28th.

– What are the show hours?

Saturday is 10am until 6pm
Sunday is 11am until 5pm

– How much are tickets?

$25 admission per day or $40 for the weekend – Presale Pricing
$30 admission per day or $50 for the weekend – Day of Pricing
Military pricing – $20 weekend pass – Presale Pricing / $25 Day of
Children ten and under FREE (LIMIT TWO PER PAID ADULT)

– I purchased a ticket online. What do I need to bring?

The QR code that came with the tickets. This can be printed out or scanned from your phone. You can also bring a print out of your ticket(s). Once you are checked in, you will receive a wristband that will get you in throughout the day or weekend, depending on what type of ticket you purchased.

– I want to purchase a military ticket. Do I qualify?

First off, thank you for your service. If you are currently serving in the military or were honorably discharged, YES, you qualify for a discounted ticket. The discounted tickets only apply to the service member and their immediate family. The service member who purchases the tickets must be in attendance at check in to show proof of service (which includes a Veteran ID, license showing proof of service, etc.).

– Do presales get in early?

No, but we will start scanning in presales early (at 9:00 am on Saturday), so most presale purchasers can be the first through when doors open.

– Are you selling tickets at the door?

Yes, we are! We accept cash, credit, or debit.

– What happens if I lose my wristband?

Unfortunately, we can’t refund or replace your wristband if you take it off or lose it. Make sure if fits snugly when it’s put on your wrist, and if not, please address it at that time.

– Where can I park? Is it free?

Yes, parking on the grounds of the Trade Mart is free but be aware that there is construction going on that has taken away some of the availability.

– Are celebrity guests there all day?

All guests are scheduled to attend both days. Guests do take breaks throughout the day, and they do their Q&A session on the Main Stage. Otherwise, they’ll be at their booths signing and taking pics with fans. You can find our list of guests at http://www.mississippicomiccon.com/guests

– Do celebrity guests charge for pictures and autographs?

Yes, most do. We have posted pricing in the Guest section for those who have sent us their pricing. See link above.

– Will there be lines?

As with any event, there can be lines to enter that require a wait. There may also be lines to meet celebrities. Please be patient while everyone gets to meet their favorite actor or actress. You can also speed up your entry time into the event by leaving your bag(s) in the car.

– Is there a costume contest?

Yes! Registration takes place at the Cosplay Central booth from 10 AM until 2:30 PM. You must register at this booth to be entered, and there is no entry fee. The contest will begin at the Main Stage. You can find our rules of cosplay and more about the costume contest at http://www.mississippicomiccon.com/cosplay

– Is there a panel schedule?

Yes, you can find it at http://www.mississippicomiccon.com/panels

– Do the panels cost?

No, not at all. Entry to panels is included with your cost of entry.

– Do I have to dress up to enter?

Not at all, but we welcome whoever wants to dress up to do so. Rules of cosplay are listed on our website.

– Can I take pictures?

Absolutely, but please understand that most, if not all the guests, charge to do so. As for taking pictures of those in attendance, it’s common courtesy to ask them first before doing so.

– What can’t I bring inside the event?

Bags are welcome, but will be searched every time you attempt to enter the building. Uniformed police officers/security will conduct bag checks and will remove anything they deem unsafe. Examples of those items include: knives, mace, stun guns, real bats, cosplay swords not sheathed, lighters, vapes, firearms, and any other item deemed unsafe.